Ladies & gentlemen

THE VOICE Soothing, soulful, full of wisdom and musicality. Undeniably…..a joy to listen to. A tasteful and cultured mixture of rhythm and blues, jazz, and gospel influences.

EXCEPTIONAL classical, theatrical and gospel training. Sharing this wealth with the youth so that they may master their gifts.

POWERFUL is the voice. Commanding personality that grabs your attention when he sings and when he speaks of the fulfillment his work in HIV/AIDS education brings to him.

THRILLING AND EXCITING you with every lyrical phrase and musical interpretation. As well as producing musical events that are unlike any other performances you will experience.

POWER AND SENSITIVITY are evident in every performance. The knowledge received from all of Jimmie’s performances and from his talented friends.

TEACHER, ACTOR AND SINGER and currently the Director of the Educational Theatre and Creative Arts Program of the Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS Management in Stellenbosch South Africa, Mr. Perry is journeying his artistic soul to every corner of the globe to make a change in the lives of people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. His wealth of experiences in this life, in theatre and music are great assets as tools to inform many people of their potential to have compassion to ones fellow man and motivate lifestyles that will promote and instill preventative sexual behaviour.

Know your status and Enjoy the Journey………………………
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Jimmie Earl Perry: Power of the Dream
NextMusic Label (Orchard music) presents “Knocking On Heavens Door”…..also available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify
Jimmie Earl Perry: Power of the Dream

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